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Money tree

Hello, my name is Soti,  I live in the UK with my beautiful wife and I  run my own data visualisation and business intelligence consultancy called Datachronicle Ltd.

I have wanted to be financially independent for as long as I can remember.  I started trading penny shares back in 2002 and found it very intriguing and rewarding.  Unfortunately, I had to sell all my shares to help pay down debts. You can read more about that in my ‘how I tackled my debt daemons’ post.

I then started currency trading in 2008. I was completely fascinated by the financial crisis that year and wanted to improve my understanding of the financial markets as well as, develop a new financial discipline to help supplement my income. Throughout these periods, I have spent most of my time researching and practising methods to improve my financial intelligence, get out of debt and become financially independent.

What this blog is

This blog aims to simplify and demystify the topic of money and how to become financially independent.  The kind of issues I should be tackling on this blog are, how to get better returns on your savings, investment ideas, how to get out of debt and how to live within your means. I have not yet achieved financially freedom, but I hope this blog will not only serve as a useful source of information for anyone trying to achieve financial independence, but also be a documented journey to help inspire all.

Also don’t be surprised if you see the odd financial chart and market outlook description. I look at various financial charts every morning to get a feel for the markets and to give myself a birds eye view.

Before I began this journey, I had no idea how much my lack of financial intelligence was going to impact my life. If I could spare anyone else the mistakes and pain I experienced because I did things the wrong way, that would be very satisfying indeed.

What this blog is not

It is not a financial product comparison website where you can, e.g, find the best credit cards and insurance deals. There are many sites out there that can help you with such information. This site is primarily focused on the practices, disciplines and lifestyle changes necessary to achieve financial independence.

What will you do next ?

The financial crisis of 2008 hit many families really hard. Unemployment has risen and most people with jobs have seen their wages fail to keep up with inflation. Add to that the ridiculously low interest rates providing paltry returns on your savings and it’s not hard to see why many households are struggling.

The financial and economic landscapes have changed. We need to be a lot more fastidious about our money if we are to surf these ever-changing financial waves and eventually get ahead.   I created smartMoneytree to help address these ever-changing economic waves in these unprecedented times.  ‘How a smart money tree will help you break your debt cycle’ is a post I wrote to further explain that.  Why not start your own smartMoneytree today and sign up to receive our blog notifications email or subscribe to our RSS feed.



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